What We Do


Strategy, Operations & Logistics 

In order to realize its potential, an eBusiness requires a tremendous amount of planning, expertise and coordination. Moku Collective has decades of experience building strategies that align business needs, capabilities, and revenue potential which result in an efficient, sustainable and scalable business.

Platforms & Infrastructure 

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it's imperative to have experience on your side to help you understand what you need, when you need it, and how to fix it if it breaks. Moku Collective has architected and executed enterprise technical symphonies spanning the boundaries of infrastructure, eCommerce and mobile.

Vendor Selection and Integration

There are numerous vendors in the eCommerce space that offer an ever-evolving collection of services - all promising to give you exactly what you need. Moku Collective can be your filter - creating RFPs, evaluating options, and identifying partners that will aid in growing your business.



Digital Marketing Channel Development and Optimization

The most efficient path to immediate growth is an effective digital marketing strategy. Moku Collective has ushered in explosive growth for clients by crafting comprehensive cross-channel strategies and executions both domestic and abroad.

Omni-Channel Experiences and Mobile Solutions

At every touchpoint consumers are reaching out to interact with the brands and retailers they love. Moku Collective has significant experience blurring the lines between digital and physical - providing our clients with a 360-degree view of their customers.

Channel Conflict Strategy Development

Doing business direct with customers is great for margin but challenging for wholesale partners. How do you maximize the digital opportunity without cannibalizing your wholesale business? Moku Collective can help you navigate these treacherous waters with a strategy that addresses all of your partners needs.

Global Expansion Strategy and Operations Expertise

Global expansion is an inevitable step in the evolution of an eCommerce business. Moku Collective has spearheaded successful launches with scale in APAC, South America, and Europe. Wherever you want to grow, Moku Collective can help you do it.